Tell Me What You Remember

adapted by Gedalya Chinn, Nikki Zaleski, & Brighid O'Shaughnessy
Erasing the Distance

at Filament Theatre
November 2015

Tell Me What You Remember is a world premiere production that tells the true story of one family’s life-altering battle with depression, using their distinct journey to illustrate the universal truth of how deeply depression can impact both those who suffer, and those who love them.

Directed by Nikki Zaleski
Scenic design by Jacob Watson
Lighting design by Diane Fairchild
Costume design by Liviu Pasare

Photos: Gretchen Kelley

"Finely acted and evocatively staged by Erasing the Distance, this one-hour play asks some of the hard questions we encounter in the course of growing up and growing old."

- Chicago Reader