Gray area

a new participatory play on consent

Many of us "get" consent: yes means yes, no means no. But what if the reality is more complicated than that? When our culture lacks a shared vocabulary for active consent, we are left lost in the space between definitions spelled out in black-and-white. Gray Area asks the difficult questions about where our ideas about consent come from, how they get enacted in our lives, and what happens when our reality doesn’t live up to our ideals. How do we navigate these murky waters, and -- when something goes wrong -- how do we, and our communities, heal?

Conceived by Jacob Watson, Sarah Bernstein, and Vince Pagan
Written by Sarah Bernstein and Elon Sloan
Produced by the FYI Performance Company
Envision Unlimited, May 2017

Directed by Jacob Watson
Lighting Design by Tony Santiago
Space Design by Brandi Lee
Costume Design by Nik Zaleski
Projections Design by Nic Park