Center for Community Arts Partnerships at Columbia College Chicago

Currently: Manager, Project AIM  

The Arts Integration Mentorship Project (Project AIM) exists to explore the relationships between arts and academic learning, with the intention of creating opportunities for deeper, more meaningful, and more personally-relevant learning experiences in the classroom. Classrooms are transformed into studios and performance spaces where students are engaged in a powerful learning cycle in and through the arts.

Notable accomplishments: 

Previously: Coordinator of Digital Pedagogy & Mentorship, Convergence Academies

The Convergence Academies initiative aims to raise student achievement, increase students’ and teachers’ 21st century technology and media skills, and build students’ college and career readiness skills. The project will advance youth learning by building media literacy and digital media skills through real life inquiry-based projects in and out of the classroom. It will build the capacity of teachers to understand digital media integration and competency-based badging as strategies to meet curricular goals based on Common Core standards.

Notable accomplishments: 

  • Developed ongoing and responsive training and coaching modules for our cohort of digital media mentors
  • Researched and analyzed data to produce regular progress reports and a final paper on the role of digital media mentors in the school environment

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Animateur, Chicago Voices project

Community Created Performances are original music theater works created and performed by community groups using a core element of opera: storytelling through song. Participating groups throughout Chicago, regardless of background or experience, will create and develop these original works which will be driven by the participants and will be supported by Lyric Opera professional artists and staff.


Founding Member. Actor, director, curriculum designer & facilitator. 

FYI designs participatory theatre experiences that activate the creative potential of health education to improve the wellbeing of youth and their communities. FYI is focused on using creative approaches to improve the sexual health of young people in the Chicago area. FYI collective members, facilitators, and performers are a diverse group of professional teaching artists, health educators, social workers, and reproductive justice advocates.Together, we create health-based performance workshops in close partnership with youth partners and other Chicago-area organizations.

Notable accomplishments: 

  • Designed the organization's landmark Creative Capacity Building training series for adults
  • Cultivated partnerships with a diverse array of organizations, both locally and nationally
  • Devised, acted, directed, and toured in two participatory plays for young people


Various organizations

I believe that art is the way that we make sense of the world around us.

Creating art allows us to engage with and respond to our lives and the lives of others.  And it is an inherently communal experience because it affects everyone involved, from creator to participant to viewer.  Theatre in particular is a uniquely experiential art form, which makes it a powerful tool for dialogue. 

Taking part in the artistic process allows us to take ownership of complex ideas and topics. Through their participation in artmaking, young people can come to view themselves as the authors of their own story, empowered to effect positive change in the world.

Teaching artist with the following organizations: