Always Greener

Always Greener is a radically different musical that shatters the barriers between the disabled and non-disabled worlds. Five individual artists, in collaboration with Tellin' Tales Theatre, are creating Always Greener, an original musical that foregrounds the world of people with disabilities, using adaptive and inclusive casting, design, and direction.

Book by Tekki Lomnicki & Erin Austin
Music & Lyrics by Noa/h Fields
Based on a concept developed with Thrisa Hodits, Jacob Watson, and Tellin’ Tales Theatre

Always Greener aims to validate experiences of disability and illuminate better understanding in those without by:

  • Advocating for the talent and professionalism of people with disabilities onstage.

  • Busting myths spread through stereotyped representation.

  • Placing people with disabilities back in the driver's seats of their own stories.

  • Reframing public understanding of disability as socially-constructed.

  • Expanding thinking about disability relationships, work, and sexuality.

Visit www.alwaysgreenermusical.org to learn more.